Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras

This tutorial focuses on a basic introduction to deep learning and how to get started using the python library Keras. Some experience with python and machine learning is assumed. Experience using the python library sci-kit-learn will also be very helpful.

It is recommended that you follow the tutorial in order. To begin, click on the first menu item on the left 1. Intro to Deep Learning

The content of this tutorial was created by Lindsey Kitchell in the summer of 2018 as part of her qualifying exams for her Ph.D. in the department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and the Program of Cognitive Science at Indiana University.

Sources and Useful Resources

For learning about machine learning in general, I recommend this free introductory course from udacity. It will get you up and running with machine learning in python very quickly.

I also recommend this book by the creator of Keras (the python library used in this tutorial): Deep Learning with Python. It has a lot of detailed information about deep learning in general and how to implement it with Keras.

The following links were very helpful in the creation of this tutorial:

This tutorial was originally created as a github repository.